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So over the weekend Berta and I went to see the True Colors tour - you know, the big gay tour of the summer. I have to say, out of every concert that I have ever attended in my life, this was the best. The absolute best.

I got to see Margaret Cho, live.

I got to see the Dresden Dolls. Live. Then met them. Then touched them. And, yes, kissed them. (shudder). I have autographs.

Rosie O'Donnel was there - and much to my surprise, she was funny. Not political, natzi-dyke Rosie. But the old, funny one. And she plays the drums. Who knew?

I missed most of Debbie Harry, as I was trying not to lick the DD's. But she still has a great voice.

Then Erasure. Berta and I had our WTF moment as gay men were singing, dancing and crying over them. Then we recognized 2 out of the 8 songs they played. Huh. So thats who sings 'Chains of Love'.

And finally, Cindy. As in Lauper. Boy, she still looks fucking hot (though she is much shorter than I ever thought).

This is supposed to be an annual thing now, and I hope that they bring the DD's back with it. I'll be beggin on Amanda Palmers blog, I tell ya.

My life is complete. Well, almost.


Accounting I A
Diversity A-
Marketing I A
Business Law A-

Cum. GPA 3.93

And now for the summer... Accounting II and Ethics.

So, today it was announced that my department was being 'restructured'. And we all knew that it had to be bad news, as the head of our department showed up unannounced - from New York, and with the head of HR in tow.

Bad ju-ju.

So it comes down to this. My position, in the 'restructuring', has been eliminated. Apparently, the work I do just doesn't fit into their new plans. Never mind that I am the only person certified to bill the federal government, that I am the only one with access to these federal databases, and that I am the only one with the passwords.


So, what I am told is that I am not terminated per se, I just need to wait until monday, when they will post newly created positions, and apply for one of those. It was further explained that the head(s) of thee different divisions we arguing over who is going to get me, so it was decided that all three would post these positions and I can choose to apply for what interests me.

And - relocation was a possibility, so I said that I was open to that.

Needless to say, the no more smoking resolution went right out the window, and the diet is shot for now. Double-Chocolate Chip cookies and ciggies is apparently all I need to make me feel, if not better, less like crying.

On an up note, I begin classes again on Monday - Accounting. Yaay. *grimace*

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But I don't care. I worked my ass off.

I want you to notice the GPA on the bottom, left hand corner.

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Here is Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Maybe it was the phrase
"...getting their frag on at the LAN party...."


Heh. XO
So, this weekend I have a business trip to Seattle, WA... Rob, how far are you from there?
Enjoyed a cigarette on the way to work. Will probably have another later today, try again with the patch tomorrow. Addiction sucks.
This patch thing sucks - burns, then itches, then burns, then itches. But I have made it through a work day with no cigs. Sigh. Now I just have to make it through an evening with two smokers.